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  • All the holsters pictured are right handed holsters.  All holsters are built to be worn concealed in a pocket.  The molded side is designed to be worn against  your body, this conceals the weapon. 
  • What is the difference between the Limited Edition and the Standard Front Pocket? / The Limited Edition, was created by my Dad with the Seecamp in mind.  The LE adds approx 1/4 to 1/2 inch along the slide.  This piece acts kinda like a kickstand to help keep the holstered weapon from tipping over in your pocket.  The extra width, also helps to center the holster in your pocket and provides extra stability for the smaller handguns.


  • What is the "Thumb Pushoff"? / In my opinion it's a must.  On both of the front pocket models you you will see the thumb pushoff, it's the small strip of leather sewn to the top to the holster.  This simply gives your thumb a reinforced spot to use to help push the holster down and off the firearm as you draw it from your pocket.  Your thumb will do this naturally.  This does add just a little extra thickness, which will be against your body, but does not affect the concealment.


  • Will you add a fitted pocket for my flashlight, magazine, mace, knife, etc.? / No, why mess up a good concealment holster.


  • Do you build a double or twin mag pouch? / No, I only build singles.


  • Will you make a Back pocket holster with the back panel attached with snaps so it can be converted to a front pocket holster.? / In my opinion the conversion feature compremises the proper function of the front pocket holster by making the base too narrow.  Therefore I choose not to build this type of holster.   


  • Will you build a "Wallet Holster"? (a pocket holster with the trigger cutout so that you can fire the firearm from inside the holster without having to remove the firearm from the holster.) / No, I choose not to try to keep up the the registration requirements that go along with this type of holster being combined with a firearm in which I have no control over.  You can go here http://www.atf.gov/publications/newsletters/ffl/ffl-newsletter-1997-08.pdf for more information, starting on the right side of page 5, continuing on page 6.


  • Will you Monogram the holster? / Yes, but it makes the holster non- returnable.  The cost for this personalization is $5 per item.  ie: holster and pouch =$10


  • Will you make a holster that is just a little wider, or narrower than the Standard holster? / Yes, but you must give me the dimensions you are after.


  • How do I know if my Kel Tec 32/P3AT is a 1st or 2nd Generation? / See the pictures at the bottom of the Kel Tec page and compare it to your Kel Tec.  The difference is only cosmetic, but I would like to build your holster to match your firearm.


  • Can you give a status check on my order? / Yes, of course, just send me an email and I'll give you an idea of how much longer your order will be :) delivery.


  • What forms of payment to you accept? /  I'm happy to accept the following types of payments:  Money Orders, Bank Checks, PayPal-I'll send you an invoice to pay approx 3 days before your order is ready to ship out, Personal/Business Checks-I will not process your check until approx 1 week before your order is ready to ship out.  I just don't like to take my money until I do the work, just one of the many lessons I learned from my Dad. 


  • Will you ship to another address, other than my own? / Yes, just note the alternate address on the order form.


  • Will you ship out of the USA? / Yes, however because the USPS doesn't allow me to insure the Flat Rate box when shipping overseas, once it ships out I can no longer be responsible for its arrival.  I have shipped to Germany & Spain and had no problems at all.


  • Do you charge a S&H Fee for each holster? / No, I can ship 2 to 3 holsters in the same box for just the one $7 S&H Fee.


  • How do I order the right size holster or Will your holster fit my pocket? / Well... that's a really hard one.  The size of the holster is largely dictated by the size of the weapon.  Since the size of your pocket is largley dictated by the size and style of your pants it makes it very difficult for me to answer this question for you.  You have to figure this one out by answering the following questions and/or doing the following.  Will the un-holstered weapon fit in your pocket?  Just how big is your pocket?  I suggest that you draw a square or rectangle around your weapon onto a heavy piece of cardboard, cut it out and see how it fits in your pocket.  The holstered weapon will form this same shape and will not be flexable, so if the cardboard won't fit the holstered weapon will not fit either.


  • How do I decide on which holster to order? / HAW, ........bet you thought I was going to tell you ! This is truly something you must do. Just try carrying the gun [unloaded, please] in the pocket of your choice, try while sitting, standing and moving around in the normal everyday things you do.. You must decide.


More will surely follow.................



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