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Life in the Day of a Holster Maker

My day starts with many E-mail inquiries pertaining to my holsters, and I try to answer them all. I am very upfront and factual with my answers. Answering a request for some design idea that I feel will not work or is impractical, is never easy. I will explain in detail the shortcomings of the idea, and sometimes I must decline the request on that basis.

A recent example: a customer orders a Back Pocket holster model that is not listed on my web site, and he even had it priced! I informed him the holster was not offered, but he persisted, saying he would buy it if I would make it. I grabbed a pattern gun, made a few measurements and E-mailed them to him, he said he saw "no problems". A little while later the order came in, I contacted him once again, saying, "I hope you have a BIG pocket". He mailed back, asking if I could cut the height down by 1/2". I replied, explaining the height was necessary to conceal the profile of the weapon. Now, I felt the need to explain what makes the holster work and why a shortened version would not work... He agreed and changed the order to a holster of a different type.

Bear in mind, had I just delivered what the man asked for, I would have created an unsatisfied customer, and he would have perhaps blamed me for the faulty design. By taking the time to advise, I now have a satisfied customer, who, hopefully will spread the merits of the Hedley Holster.

A lot of thought and experimental work has gone into most Makers designs. So when his advice seems to be against your request, it may be for good reason.

The point of this rambling is, you must be careful of what you wish for, you may not like the results.

I have two problems in mind as I write this, making holsters for the average pocket, and deciding what is the size of the average pocket.


Landmark of Interest

A few months back, I visited Wayne Hill, an old friend that I had not seen for a while. I was at his Business site near downtown Winter Haven, FL.. As I was looking around, I realized this was very near where I was born, and I mentioned it to him. He started telling me what had been on the property when he bought it, and I came to realize this was the spot, it brought back many old boyhood memories.

Today, another friend, Fred Ryder and I, [yes, I more than one friend] stopped by Wayne's place after lunch, for Fred to return something he had borrowed earlier. As we drove up, and I was looking out Fred's side window, I saw something new, then my eyes popped out as I realized what I was seeing.

It was sort of a joke, but I was touched. Someone put a lot of work into this, now "famous landmark",... what can I say??


"Becoming More Acceptable" 4/12/00 rjh

I overheard someone say, "It�s becoming more acceptable." They were speaking of a matter that I feel very strong about, the current attack on my way of life by this new way of thinking. I couldn�t help but remember, when teachers were allowed to maintain decorum by a simple threat of sending the offender to the Principals Office. The town�s policeman had to simply point his finger at me, to make me slow my speed, as I passed his corner. My parents simply said, "No," to my clamoring to go to a movie they didn�t approve of. All of this "Worked " because there were CONSEQUENCES for those that did not comply.

The Consequences could be tailored to the level needed to be effective, swiftly and surely. "Surely," being the most important. Laws and Lawyers were not required in every simple problem, and Judges were allowed to be Judges. I think it was COMMON SENSE that made it all work. It has been so long since I have seen Common Sense applied, I felt compelled to look this term up in my small Dictionary, which reveals to me," Good sense or Practical judgement." Maybe we all should weigh our actions and attitudes against this definition. I think our law makers would do well to adopt this "Definition"to some of our current laws.

.The current style of politician surrounds himself with Spinmasters and image makers for the purpose of creating something to manipulate the polls. This new thing called "Political Correctness," seems to be a smoke screen, for those who strive to hide the true meaning of their words. And not to forget Affirmative Action, a tool to those who appease, to gain the block vote, for the purpose of Total control, from cradle to grave.

We are losing our freedoms every day, just a little bit at the time in order not to arouse all the people at once. This "feel good" society doesn�t care about freedom losses that don�t affect them. Only when their freedoms are threatened, will we hear from them. As from a dying calf, will be their cry, "How did this happen?" I am reminded of something a Holocaust survivor said, "and when they came for me, there was no one to help."

I know I can never go back to the old way of life, but I miss it, and feel sorry for those who will never know it........

( I am reminded of other words to look up in my small Dictionary, "Family Values")


A Response From a Reader


Just read your "RJ ism's." That was great reading. No kidding. You should write a book. When you get done with my two holsters of course.

I've spent 28 years as a teacher working with handicapped youth. Most are severely emotionally disturbed. As a wood shop teacher I see the same problems over and over again. Lack of discipline, poor motivation, compulsive behavior, rude manners, aggressive behaviors, foul mouths and a willingness to make excuses for every one of their inappropriate behaviors. It all goes back to family values and what wasn't taught in the home. School can't do it all. Discipline starts at home. When I first started teaching back in the 70 s, we could paddle. Not any more. They even limit the amount of time they can be suspended from school now. Excuses are made by school psychologists for things the kid does that he or she knows is wrong. You or I would have been paddled senseless. The consequences would have been tailored as to prevent further inappropriate behavior. Right? God bless you, and take care.
Valrico, Fl.

Family Values

I came from a small family of one sister and one brother. My Mother had a very self serving father who didn't stick around for the fatherly duties. My Father also had a very poor childhood, due to the absence of a father. So what kind of a Father did I turn out to be? Seeing as how my wife [2nd] will be to co- author in this story, it will be very near the truth.

I was quite young when I was born.....Naw, Just kidding! My parents were very young when I was born. I was the first born, followed four years later by a sister, and xx years later, by a Brother. Yes, the math is correct, and that's another story. It was in the early �30's and the Great Depression was just ending, times were still very hard. My father had a stable job, working in a Plant Nursery, owned by the Reints Family.

The Reints Nursery was doing a lot of business with a large Estate owned by a millionaire, Harold Roundtree, Writer/ Inventor from New York. My father was doing most of the deliveries and planting of the plants and shrubs, Mr. Roundtree was very impressed with my fathers self taught trade. My father was offered a very good job working for The Roundtree Estate, which he took. The job provided a house, salary of $30 a week and other considerations I'm not sure of. My father was a working foreman, with three or four colored men in his charge. The Estate was quite large and the work was ever expanding. Mr.Roundtree loved flower cutting beds, sidewalks, and endless green lawns so the job was secure.

Family values were established by my Father that remain with me to this day. You were expected to respect your Mother above all, and of course the Father, that was easy because he was the one that dispensed the discipline. My Father was quite clear with the rules, he was fair, he was consistent, and he was always there. This is the way family values are made, my father lead by example, and my Mother backed him. There where three meals a day, the noon lunch and evening meal [supper] were always with the whole family seated, together. This in my opinion, is a most important factor in maintaining family values. It reinforces the image of the family unit in everyone's mind. Talking in excess was not allowed, if I had a friend sharing the meal with us, the behavior of a guest was my responsibility. If my guest became overly talkative, my father would tap, lightly his plate with his fork, I knew what this meant. I never thought of my father as being mean. It was just the rule.

I learned from all these rules and still see the wisdom in them. Children NEED bounds, I knew my parents truly loved me. The rules didn't over shadow this, but the bounds were known to me, and the consequences. This must sound very harsh to young people these days, and maybe to my own children, and grandchild, but maybe that's why I'm writing this.

I remember having very good Christmas Holidays as far as gifts, but they were always spoiled by my parents and their friends drinking on Christmas Eve. This was very distressing to me, but it was only once a year. My father always included me in his weekend activities as I became old enough. My mother always made sure I was well dressed and well groomed. I did not do well in school, I think back now, and believe I was bored. I remember times when my father would sit for hours without talking, and when he was like that, you didn't want to try to talk to him either.

I understand this now. He was building something in his mind. I now do this. It's a curse.

At the beginning of WW II, Mr. Roundtree died, His children told my father to find a buyer for the Estate. He found a buyer at an agreed upon price, the Estate was sold and he was without a job. Years earlier, my father had managed to buy 2 acres of land to build on, about 10 acres he sharecropped to someone who grew vegetables from the markets. On the front part of the property my father built a Metal-covered work shop, this was paid for by Mr. Roundtree as a gift. Sometime later a two bedroom, one bath house was built, this was rented out.

Big change in my life came when my father joined the Navy Seabee's [Construction Battalion.]

My Mother, sister, and I were moved into the small house, and with a brand-new car, we started a new life. The new home was located at the very edge of a very bad little town, Eloise, Fl. This place was BAD, my education continued. From my previously sheltered life to living at the edge of this HELL Hole was very frightening to say the least. I ventured further and further into this strange and frightening place. Made a few friends and they sort of vouched for me and made a few more halfway friends, I survived and grew into some street smarts.

Finally the War was over. My Dad had been stationed in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska and had been discharged from service and was now in Seattle, Wa . . . Dad was very anxious to rejoin mother and told her to sell the car, which was very valuable at this time. Automobile production had been stopped for the War effort in midyear 1942, the car was a White 1941, low milage two door sedan, very desirable and easy to sell for big bucks. Part of this money financed the round trip to get Dad home. My sister and I were kept by our Grandmother { Moms side] I can remember it as if it was yesterday, when Mom and Dad got home. We all stood around looking at one another and unpacking his Sea bags, he had brought home a few gifts , souvenirs, and his M-1 Carbine. What a prize it is now. Which brings my brother to mind [he has the carbine now] my mother is carrying him now in her tummy. Dad really missed Mom I would say.

Now Dad has to find a job. He had developed some very good boat building skills in his off hours, while with the Roundtree Estate. This was his true love, building boats. So in the shop that was well equipped with wood working equipment and a newly added open shed, the boat $ cabinet shop was opened. In the beginning, he was not charging enough for his work and was losing money. The demand for the work was there, so a price adjustment on his labor and the shop became a success for many years. Tons of money was made in working on Cypress Gardens problems and needs. The Cypress Gardens Water Ski was developed, made thousands of skis. At one time all the world water ski records where held on Hedley Cypress Gardens Skis. The Tour boats where developed with the help of Malcolm Pope. [ the brother of the Gardens developer, Richard Downing Pope, Sr.] The second group of Seven trick jump boats where developed and built by my Dad. I worked there briefly before getting married [1st time].

Now the mistake of my life, I got married, to father three boys in five years and get a divorce . . . Korea got hot, divorce got hot, I went to Korea. Boys were in the care[?] of their mother for a brief time. She was neglecting the boys, so between the Red Cross & my parents , the boys where adopted as a temporary measure, until I served my two years in the military.

I served my two years in the US Army, 18 months in Korea. Served directly under John S.D. Eisenhower, son of IKE Eisenhower, President of the United States of America. I was Honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant , with a bronze star in Oct 1954.

Back in the states and unemployed, I took a few weeks to kick up my heels and enjoy myself. Bought a 1953 Ford convertible, Black with a white top, fender skirts and dual exhaust . Had belonged to the Dealers wife, a cream puff. I had to settle in, so living with my parents and working for room and board for me and the boys, drawing a little pay.

A few months pass and I meet a very special young lady through a mutual friend, Joe King, .her name is Lou Ellen Watson, living with her parents in Aulburndale, Fl. , she and her family came from Arkansas. We had a blind date just once and I was really attracted to this happy girl with a sparkle in her eye. We were together every night, did nothing special like movies or even eating out, just enjoyed being together and hanging out with Joe and his girl friend, Doris. After a few weeks of this [she will tell me how many, when she reads this] I felt sorry for her and .........she talked me into getting married..

...........more to follow


= More on the life of RJ Hedley =
AKA (Also Known As)

In the past few months, as my life was going through quite a few changes, I found myself thinking about the past.

In the 40�s I was known to most around town as Norman�s Son, people would say, �you know, they have the boat shop in Eloise.� This was great, and made me very proud.

Then I came to be known for a few of my Cars, Scooters and Motorcycles, they were pretty special for one reason or another, mostly loud pipes.

As time went on, I became known as Bobby by those who had known me for a long while. When I married Lou Ellen, I became Robert J (also known as Lou Ellen�s husband) to new friends.

As our first son Lyle Keith, second son, Cass Kevin, and daughter Lisa K were growing up; I became known only as Lyle�s dad, Cass�s dad, and Lisa�s dad. Upon being introduced as such, I am always received with a smile.
This is great, and makes me very proud.

Years later, along comes Samantha, Lisa�s daughter, our only Grand Child. I became "Ya-Ya" to Sammi which meant �Grand Daddy�. Sammi and I had a game we played with �Po-Pee�, an imaginary character that was drawn on my hand with a Magic Marker. He could really talk and was very funny, just ask Sammi! Now, no one needed to be told that I�m Sammi�s Granddad, I think it shows.
This is great, and makes me very proud.

A little later I gained a new name, �RJ�. This was from my presence on the �HedleyHolster.com� web site on the Internet.

I guess everyone wonders about the �Who, What and Why� about themselves from time to time.


Now as I sit here alone, I see �Po-pee� asleep in my lap Well, these are my thoughts and I feel proud!


�Carrying� on Delta

A number of years back, I worked for a Major Equipment Manufacturer of Metal Finishing Products in Detroit, MI., as a Installation Superintendent. I was a �Frequent Flyer�, and boarding some Airline for weekend round- trips, bi- monthly.

On one flight home, I was seated in an aisle seat next to a young lady, about 30 years old on the way to Orlando, FL.. In flight she tells me she is going to a funeral. She was very tense and sat there clutching her purse in her lap. Not wanting to deal with what ever problems she may be dealing with, I wisely withdrew to a Magazine for the rest of the trip.. The flight connected in Atlanta and finally we arrived in Orlando, and I spent my weekend at home with the family..

On the return trip, believe it or not, I am seated with the same young lady., not a stroke of good luck. She has a small fake �Bird� hooked on her forefinger !! The type of thing you might see on a flower arrangement, [remember the funeral?]

The plane takes off, but is aborted just after the lift off. The pilot sat the plane back down, taxis back around for another attempt. Second attempt is worse, we heard a loud, �BOOM� and the plane is full of fumes. Well, we have all had enough of this, and we are de-boarded back at the gate we had departed from.

At this point, my little young lady is beside herself and everyone else in the Gate area. She is �Wired� !! I tried to get away from her in the crowded area, as she was attracting too much attention. [You haven�t forgot about the little bird, have you?] I would hear her, � Where are you? Don�t leave me� So, I just resigned myself to the fact that I was to watch over her in her time of need. [ I�m a nice guy]

A couple of hours pass and another plane was brought around, we boarded, and yes, she is beside me, clutching the purse and holding the little bird. Well, we arrive in Atlanta to discover we have missed our connecting flight to Birmingham, [as you might know with 2 hour delay in Orlando] and must stay the night in Atlanta courtesy of Delta. We are issued vouchers for food and lodging. I watch to be sure �she� gets hers. A shuttle bus takes the whole group over to the airport Motel. Everyone goes to the desk, gives the clerk the �Lodging voucher� and picks up a key. I now have mine and she�s right beside me, she asked for a room, the clerk thinks she is not with the group, so I step in and tell her to give him the voucher. She doesn�t know where she put it, and asked me to hold the �bird� while she looked for it..! Well, by this time, I�m about �WIRED� myself !

I told her and the whole lobby full of people, that I wasn�t holdin� the �BIRD�..

I took her purse, pulled out the voucher , gave it to the clerk, picked up her key, handed it to her... And head to the elevator, her on my heels.. As I step out of the elevator, she says, �where�s my room?� I look at her key, she about 5 or 6 rooms away. [Will this ever end, I think]

We all had a 7:30am wake up call, so I hit the sack. About 5:15am my phone rings It�s her, [I have no idea of how she did that??] I asked, �why are you up at this hour and where are you?� She�s in the Lobby waiting for the bus to take us to the plane. Well, I may as well just get up. We had breakfast, the bus came, we arrive back at the terminal. As we head to the departing gate, she falls behind at the security check. Something is going on, but I don�t know what, and she quickly catches up. She didn�t explain, and I didn�t ask.

So, now we are on the plane flying to Birmingham, she�s sitting there holding that damned bird. [Now I am finally to the point of this story.] She turns and looks at me and asked, � Is it against the law to carry a gun on board a air plane?� Well, I don�t need to tell you, I was flabbergasted. I told her in a hushed urgent tone, � don�t say that again, don�t say anything� I listened for a bit to see if anyone heard her, and it seemed like no one did. Then I told her, do not talk, just for her to nod her head or point.. Then asked her if she had one ? [a gun] She nodded �yes�, I asked where? She pointed to her left side, under arm.. I told her we would talk about it after we landed..

After landing and de-planeing, we walked to the terminal restaurant and talked... I asked her why she had the gun, she said she had never traveled before. [can you believe that] I asked her how she got through security ? She open her purse and pulled out a medical card stating she had a PACE MAKER implanted. Can you believe it?? I told her that she was damned luck we weren�t both in jail, and to never do that again.

This is a TRUE STORY, It happened to me, about 20 years ago..


More on Family Values

Values are not chiseled in stone, but are simple rules set forth by the authority figure of the family. The rules can be varied in range, but must be followed by all the members, equally. This makes the rules easier to accept for the junior members. Called leading by example.

I remember the �Big�� rule in my family, do nothing to bring shame or embarrassment to the family. The second one was never show any disrespect for the Mother, and that would be her name to you. I could never refer to Mother as Her or She.

Outside the family, all elders were to be treated with respect, answering questions with Yes Sir, No Sir or Yes Mam, No Mam.. I opened doors for all females young and old, and always walked on the out side when on a sidewalk.

But if you can only have a few rules, let it be this. Always have the family together for at least one meal a day. Without this, the rest will go by the wayside.. This is where all the other rules are exercised.

A small thing, respect and love.


Karnac the Magnificent

Do you remember the Johnny Carson character, Karnac the Magnificent? If you dont, I will remind you. In that character, Ed Mc Mann would hand him an answer to a question in a sealed envelope and Johnny would place it against his forehead, in order to predict the question.

Well, that?s how I feel sometimes, although, in reverse, very often I get an inquiry, asking, ?will your holster fit in my pocket and not ?print?? and ? Which of your holsters would be more suited for my pockets?? I sometimes would like to reply,? How many fingers am I holding up?? See the problem ?

I don?t mind being asked questions, and I have a several of my own.

1~ Have you measured your pocket and related that measurement to the measurement supplied with each holster picture on my web site?

2~ Do you wear regular jeans, tight jeans, docker style or dress pants (pleated or un-pleated)? It is important to measure the pocket where you intend to carry the holster (front or back)

3~ How big are your pockets???
The size of your pocket is dependent on your weight and stature, Only you have the answer to this question

A simple solution: cut a piece of cardboard the size of the holster (remember to look on the web site), then place the cardboard in your pocket and pretend it is the holster, now if you need to add or subtract from the measurement, I will try to accommodate.

If your jeans are tight enough to be a problem just getting the bare gun out of that pocket, the holster can?t help. You need to re-evaluate your situation. If you really want to carry a gun, you must be willing to do something to adapt.

My holster has no magical properties, but it will work, but it must have a little help from you. You must get familiar with the holster, and practice with it, my holsters are fitted on the loose side, but some want them a little looser. This is why I have begun to provide a small leather strip with each holster, The use of this leather strip is explained with photo?s on my web site. Look in the left column for ?How to use holster.?


Although these are not "RJ-isms", I fully agree with, and indorse every one of these Jewels !!


Q: I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?

A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap.

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?

A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat? Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a steak is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef is also a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And a pork chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vegetable products.

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?

A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Bottoms up!

Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?

A: Well, if you have a body and you have body fat, your ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio is two to one, etc.

Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?

A: Can't think of a single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No Pain...Good

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?

A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!!. Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. In fact, they're permeated in it. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?

A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want a bigger stomach.

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?

A: Are you crazy? HELLO ...... Cocoa beans . another vegetable!!! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?

A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Q: Is getting in shape important for my lifestyle?

A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape!

Well, I hope this has cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about food and diets. That will be the end of talk about dieting.


It's also in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" with Johnny Depp. He uses it in the sidewalk shooting scene. Since he's blind, it's the perfect gun for him. " Larry Seecamp

It's the perfect gun for him.

This post, in another thread, reminds me of an old story. ( Oh no, not again !)

A few years back, a friend and I where attending a Gun Show in Coconut Grove, near Miami. We had a couple tables, and among the big assortment of gun accessories was prominently displayed was a newly re-finished Double Barrel Shot Gun. This gun w/ Barrels shortened to 1/4'' over the legal limit, that had been done by my friend. He was very proud of this gun, as it was the first one he had ever done.

About halfway through the first day, we see this elderly gentleman using a long white cane, accompanied by what appeared to be his Wife. She seemed to be looking for a certain item, as she steered him through the crowded aisles straight to our tables. She places his hand on the Double Barrel, he asked for permission to pick it up to inspect it. Well, my friend was speechless, so I took it over, granting him permission. He places the cane under his arm and picks up the Shotgun. He promptly broke open the barrels and inserted two fingers into the empty chambers. Then he closed the barrels with a gentle motion, and continued to inspect the gun with his hands, then he asks, "What does she look like." Well, both of us were caught off guard with that, and we replied at the same time, '' Oh, she's very pretty !"

Well, to make a long story longer, the old gentleman said, with a smile, '' I'll take her!" So, I guess it was just the "perfect gun for him."

My friend and I often relate to this story when we see a nice old re-finished gun, ..and how it took a *Blind*man to buy his. ;)


How I got into Leather Work

This was in response to an Email. A customer [Mike], was asking how I got into the Holster Trade... I'll just pass it on to you..


Hi Mike


I'm not sure how I got here myself. My introduction to leather work was through a personal need of a holster for a newly aquired Seecamp. I could not find a holster that worked, for me..

My first effort was a near copy of a "Strong" holster , even though I didn't know it at the time. Didn't like that, so I made another, about the same, with same results. My third try did it ... I came up with a Back pocket holster that WORKED. I made a few and took them to a GUN SHOW and sold a few, and met a guy who suggested I get on the WEB. I bought a computer, not knowing a THING about it and with my wifes help, went straight to NAA message board. The guy I had met at the show, had posted some favorable comments on the board and I started getting inquires.

I very painfully answered each one, and the people started ordering, and commenting. Each proclaiming the happy results of their dealings with me. So , one day, I went to my mail and there was a message from Sandy Chisholm, President of NAA. He stated that he was impressed with the interest my holster had gathered, and wanted to see what I had. So , I sent him a few to look over. So to make a long story short, he offered to add a page for the holsters, no strings...., and naturally I accepted.

The web site had my home phone listed, which was hastily removed after being flooded with phone calls, which I HATE. Everything is E-Mail . The pace is slow, but steady.... just what I wanted.

I kept designing new holsters and adding to my list, until it is what you see today. I feel I had very little to do with all this......and continue to be amazed....

It just has to be a blessing...


Hotter than a Two Dollar Pistol

Well, you just have to sit a while to hear about MY favorite car !!

In a time that $5 was like $105 is to me now, I got this '55 Chevy two door post sedan. It had a brand new short block/ a two barrel carburetor in it, but it smoked like a Dragon because the previous owner installed the short block with the old, un-reconditioned heads. The oil smoking is why I got the car at such a good deal. The owner was disgusted with it.

Well, the GEAR HEAD that I am, I proceeded to fix the little Blue Chevy. First thing was a four barrel,w/intake to match and a 456 ratio gear set in a "chunk" [complete third member]. All this was done with a trade "My stuff for his stuff" I had to do the swap, which was all completed on one weekend.

Next was a "HURST" three speed shifter, this was a stroke of luck. There was a Car lot with a car that had this "Hurst Shifter" but it appeared to be worn out, but I knew it was just the Nylon bushings, about a dollar a piece. The Car Dealer hated it and told me I could have it if I would supply the parts necessary to make his car back to stock, plus do the work. No problem, my car had all the parts, and the swap was nothing to me. Another week ends work and I'm shifting a HURST !!

Next, was really luck and my willingness to do about anything to make my car better. I was on my way home late one night and came across this bad car wreck. This guy had borrowed his buddies White Corvette and ran off the top of a sharp curve, into a Plant Nursery, but he must have flipped before leaving the curve. The Hood and grill was lying just off the opposite side of the road,, and I had stopped beside it. The wrecker was there retrieving the car, but he did not see the hood or grill. I was not above loading both pieces into my car and headed on home....Bad I guess, but what can I say?

A month or so passes before the Hood comes into play. At a Drag Meet, I talked to this rich dude, and he was going to put a GMC Blower in his White Corvette [ can you see what's coming? ].. This would require a big hole to be cut in his Hood. [White, remember?] Well, I jumped on this with both feet !!! I told him that I could fix him up with a great set up, with a lift off hood that locks down on Hood pins, just as it should be !! He would have his stock hood to go back on after he was done playing "Boy Racer".. The Hood that I had "found", had no paint damage, it had ripped off at the hinges.

Well, to make a long story longer, I will continue.... The Rich dude was wanting me to put together the "Race style Pinned Hood" set up, but was not wanting to turn loose any cash, so I asked about the two four barrel set up he was taking off his car to install the Blower. He agreed to trade for "evenup". BANG, I had Corvette "Two Fours", with linkage, in exchange for the hood and labor to fit it to the blower set up, sticking through the hood..

A few weeks later the rich dude wanted me to swap out more of my labor for a set of Corvette heads he had in the Machine Shop for a valve job. So, that and a Corvette cam and solid lifters I had set back is all coming together in my Medium Blue '55 Chevy two door post... I had a SUN TACHOMETER, Traction Bars that I had fabricated.

This was MY FAVORITE car, ........ and she was QUICK, and "Hotter that a Two Dollar Pistol"!!!
WISH I HAD IT BACK .........
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