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Examples of some holsters for NAA Guardian 32 and 380

32 Back Pocket Holster - 3-1/2"W X 4-3/4"T
380 Back Pocket Holster - 4"W X 5"T
This holster has a print breaking panel attached at the bottom, which holds the holster in the pocket as the weapon is drawn. This panel extends approximately 1/2" over back strap of weapon to help block view of the weapon from the top of the pocket.


Guardian RHBP


32 Front Pocket Holster - 3-1/2"W
380 Front Pocket Holster - 3-3/4"W
This holster is wet formed with all the gun profile toward the rear to aid concealment.
Guardian RHFP


32 Front Pocket Limited Edition - 4"W
380 Front Pocket Limited Edition - 4"W
This very special holster has a hook feature that helps disengage the weapon from holster. Offers a wider, more stable base.
Guardian RHFP Limited


Mag Pouches for the Guardian pistols.. $25  Click here to see Pouches .



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